what is reiki?

Reiki is holistic and treats the physical, mental and emotional bodies, as well as the spirit, eliciting feelings of relaxation, stress-reduction, peace and well-being. The word itself is derived from the Japanese words “Rei”  meaning “Universal Life” and “Ki”meaning “Energy”. As such, Reiki works with the spiritually driven life-force energy dwelling in each of us. 


what does reiki feel like?

A Reiki treatment is deeply relaxing and often feels like a radiant warmth in and around the body. Reiki healing is facilitated by the practitioner laying his/ her hands on and over the various energetic points of your body. While Reiki is administered fully-clothed, we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing to ensure your maximum ease and restfulness during the session. 


how can reiki help?

Reiki helps support you in a variety of ways, included, but not limited to the following: 

relaxation + stress relief | Reiki is deeply relaxing, as it balances the flow of energy by releasing blockages in your chakras, infusing your body with a luminous, universal light that stays with you for 24-48 hours. It is a practical modality for managing ongoing stress and anxiety.

self-love + relationships | Nourish and connect more deeply with parts of self that are eager to be in harmony and alignment with unconditional love.

physical + emotional ailments | Our physical bodies are comprised of muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, organs, glands, etc. Because the Reiki energy easily moves through the physical plane, it is capable of easing pains and accelerating healing for those with physical and/or emotional ailments like depression.

abundance + bliss | Anchor feelings of exhilaration, abundance and bliss to perpetuate a constant, refreshing flow of radiant energy in your life.

prenatal + fertility | Reiki is a helpful complement to fertility treatments. In the deep, meditative relaxation Reiki offers, you will be able to release any resistance around fertility, allowing you to become harmoniously aligned with your procreative, divine feminine energy. 




Lotus Flower RM

"Rebecca is a gentle and healing soul. She helped me set an intention for my Reiki session by discussing what was troubling me and suggesting how I may translate that into an intention. She communicated clearly about what she would do during the session. She has a wonderfully calm presence. She also gave me great tips on how to continue to balance my chakras after the session with stones and candles. I will be back!"

- RM

Queen of The Night

"Rebecca’s Reiki sessions are a sweet salve for my soul. Since, I started seeing Rebecca on a weekly basis, I feel more relaxed, energized and confident about myself, my work and my life. She brings a greater awareness and clarity to my dilemmas and intentions, allowing me to more easily align with and embody love, passion, appreciation and bliss in my daily interactions.

Working with Rebecca has also deepened my ability to trust in the natural abundance that is readily available to us all - I feel more and more connected to my unlimited potential and abundance, every day. Rebecca has also held space for me to embrace and transform my relationship with parts of myself that I had long neglected and rejected. This has been such a gift because I feel more fully integrated, more whole, more in love with my self, with my life and with others.

I would recommend weekly Reiki sessions with Rebecca to anyone wanting to amplify the quality and quantity of love they experience in their life.

PS - for the cat lovers out there - Rebecca’s cat, Lele is a Reiki Master as well, and I have been fortunate to experience her astounding expertise - seriously, this cat knows what she is doing, and I highly suggest you allow her to work her magic on you, too!" 


“Rebecca is a gifted Reiki healer. I am relatively new to the world of Reiki, and she made me feel very comfortable immediately. I appreciate that she took time before the session to explain what to expect, and she helped me focus my intentions. After the session, she explained clearly what she found and provided remedies to help continue the ‘cleansing’ process. Ultimately, I found my experience to be very effective, and I’ll be back!”